‘Motor City Masters’ Films at Thunder Studios

Automotive programming has been in the DNA of Thunder Studios since original owners General Motors broke ground here in 1965. In 2014, reality kings Bunim/Murray chose Thunder for their new concept Motor City Masters – a contest format where young designers had three days to design and build their dream cars.

Season One of the show serves as another example of the long-standing tradition of automotive projects that have found a home at our facility.

Motor City Masters featured 10 talented designers pitted against each other, eliminating one per week until only one contestant, Camilo Pardo, remained to claim the title of Motor City Master, $100,000 prize purse and a custom Chevy z28 Camaro.

Judges and the last remaining contestants on set with model designs

In an interesting final twist, Camilo honored an earlier pact he made with finalist opponent Bryan Thompson to split the prize should either of them win. As a final positive turn, Bryan used his $50,000 to seed a scholarship in his name at the College for Creative Studies in to help support aspiring design students.