Thunder Creator Network Highlights ‘Fathom’

Known for their monthly short films, Gearmark Pictures spooky story Fathom – a finely-crafted homage to the fictional supernatural character Slender Man – is a proud new addition to our Creator Network catalog.

Haunting takeaway from with Slenderman and a girl walking away

With over two million views, this story falls in line with recent Internet fervor that the Slender Man might make an appearance in American Horror Story Season Six.

FX’s hit horror show has released of a multitude of S6 trailers – seventeen at last count, more than any other season in AHS history – and while specific images of a Slender Man-style character haven’t appeared in this onslaught of promos, the rumors persist.

The question of whether or not he’ll appear is an apparition in its own right, so Fathom might be that perfect holdover until the September 14th premiere.

Gearmark’s talent for making high-quality content without million-dollar budgets represents just one of the many facets the makes the Creator Network a unique resource to empower creators across commercial, traditional and digital platforms.

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