Enhance your Livestream.

Transitions. Live Graphic Overlays. Live Special Effects.

The power of RBS to enhance live programming is only limited by the imagination of the talent.
Enhance streamer content in real time and provide a unique viewing experience for live audiences. Think outside the ‘Pop up Box’: RBS allows for innovative transitions, graphic overlays, and live
special effects; similar to what you see on live news and sports broadcasts, all produced remotely.

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Evolved Advertising.

Talent using RBS can watch themselves live via a reference monitor. This allows Thunder’s remote Producer to cue the talent to interact with a brand sponsor’s graphic overlay(s) inserted into the live segment.

Brands can authentically integrate brand messaging in real time directly into live programming. Through RBS, Brands can choose which talent and programming they will advertise, and sponsor and Thunder can guarantee brands that their messaging will only be broadcast by pre-approved streamers/ talent under contract.

Thunder can integrate brand messaging directly into a broadcast allowing talent to interact with both the brand and their audience in innovative ways depending on the marketer’s objective (new product advertisement, awareness campaigns, coupon campaigns, sweeps, and product giveaways).

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Multicasting Across all Platforms.

One stream to rule them all. Focus on where your streaming audience needs are, not where you want them to be. Broadcast using RBS to reach your audience simultaneously across all live platforms.

1 stream to rule them all
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Synchronized Content and Social Media Strategy.

RBS allows a remote Producer to build audience awareness through a comprehensive social media strategy using the social media platforms of the talent and brand sponsors. By engaging the social media audiences of the talent and brand partners, RBS can maximize audience awareness of live programming and use gamification tools to generate and increase engagement. During live programing for example, Thunder can automate tweets with 10 second video clips from the broadcast and add pre-determined messaging. So while the talent is busy live streaming, we are able to continue messaging to their social media audience. Using RBS technology, talent can actually integrate an image of themselves into any social media page and multicast their interaction and commentary across all social media platforms.

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