New Ford Fusion Spot Instincts Gives Us Goosebumps

Directed by Jeffrey Dates, this 2017 Ford Fusion mimics the movements of its driver as her goosebumps change the color of the car, her eyelashes release butterflies from the paint and her hair blowing in the wind makes fiery red graphics down the side. Shot in Stage 12!

Mill+ teamed up with Zubi Advertising to create Ford’s latest commercial ’Instincts’. The dynamic ad, directed by Jeffrey Dates out of Mill+, features a host of CG visuals, including a CGI photo-real car.

The Mill’s 3D team worked closely under Dates’ direction to craft a series of visuals that represented the drivers ‘instincts’ such as butterflies, goose bumps and flowing hair. Dates comments ” it was really important that the emotion of the driver be represented while connecting with the Fusion experience. The thrill and excitement of driving a Ford Fusion can be seen as she feels butterflies as she anticipates driving the car. Each transition offers an opportunity to change the color of the car.”

SCANable provided 3D full body scans of model/actress Stephanie Cordoba and a hi-res scan of her arm (for the goose bump scene).