We are Thunder.

Thunder Studios, a division of Infinite Reality, provides integrated studio and production services to the entertainment industry for feature films, TV shows, commercials, music videos, esports, and live events. Thunder also produces original content and programming in a variety of genres from its 150,000 square foot production facility on six acres in Long Beach, CA. Our production facilities include 10 main stages, an XR stage and virtual production team, an esports arena, live broadcast news stage, live streaming studios, production offices, and VIP spaces. Our fleet of mobile broadcast trucks operate throughout the USA and Mexico producing and broadcasting live events including baseball, soccer, boxing, MMA, esports, concerts, parades, award shows, and special events.

Remote Broadcast Studio

Thunder’s proprietary RBS (Remote Broadcast Studio) technology is the result of several years of research and development in digital compositing and live streaming. Using RBS, Thunder remotely produces live talent wherever they are and inserts them into digital set environments. In addition, Thunder Producers can overlay graphics and chyrons as well as add special effects and sound effects. RBS allows everyone needed to produce in studio live broadcast programming, to perform their work independently from any location.

Uniquely, all live programming produced using RBS can be distributed in multicast across all live digital streaming  platforms. Simply put, Thunder provides broadcast quality tools to talent, remotely produces them, and broadcasts them on any digital streaming platform.

Live from… Home!

Remote Broadcast Studio’s (RBS) empowers the live stream experience by dramatically enhancing content capabilities through patented live digital compositing and graphics tools. Maximize the streaming experience by intensifying a news coverage, business conference, educational class, blog episode, or gameplay with original graphics and live broadcast your stream on multiple platforms, all with the talent in the safety of their own home. [Explore RBS]

Thunder Studios Broadcasting

Thunder Studios and Thunder Studios Broadcasting consists of our Industry Services businesses and includes our stage, equipment and production supply rental businesses, our catering company, our 3rdparty production company and our Broadcasting business. Our production facilities include 10 main stages, an esports arena, live broadcast news stage, 2 live streaming studios and production offices. Our fleet of mobile broadcast trucks operate throughout the USA and Northern Mexico broadcasting diverse live events including sports, esports, live music, corporate events, and national tv coverage. [Explore Thunder Studios Broadcast]

Thunder Gaming

Thunder Gaming operates out of our 10,000sq ft dedicated esports center and is our consumer facing brand producing live events in gaming and esports. Currently we produce weekly, monthly and quarterly live events across multiple game titles including Smash Bros Ultimate, FGC titles and first-person shooter titles including Call of Duty.   [Explore Thunder Gaming]

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