About Thunder

Thunder Studios is a fully integrated modern media company specializing in the manufacture of premium content for all forms of distribution; theatrical, linear, commercial, OOH, live, digital and social platforms. Our passion for the three categories at the intersection of where millennial consumers spend 70% of their time on mobile devices; Entertainment, Gaming and Social Media has us focusing on four distinct categories; Industry Services, Ad-Tech and Streaming, Digital Media, Gaming and esports.

We operate from our 150,000 square foot media campus on 6 acres in Long Beach California, with 9 main stages, 3 live broadcast stages, a 15,000 square foot dedicated esports center, 2 live streaming studios, production offices and green rooms. Our industry services are a la carte and operate as Thunder Studios, Thunder Productions and Thunder Studios Broadcasting and include stage and equipment rental, and mobile broadcast truck and production equipment rental. In 2018 we were awarded an Emmy Award for our Live Broadcast Services.

Our Ad-Tech and streaming technology operates as Amplivy and Live Broadcast Studio and we were recently awarded US Patent Protection from the USPTO.

Thunder Gaming hosts live and online gaming and esports tournaments from our 10,000ft2 esports arena and produces original programming for digital distribution. Our esports center sees +5,000 attendees per month competing in a variety of gaming tournaments. At a recent Smash Bros tournament held over two days we hosted 1,500 people per day for a total of 25,000 attendee hours, our Twitch Broadcast saw 8.2million minutes viewed.

Thunder Studios Broadcasting

Thunder Broadcasting is a joint venture between Thunder Studios and Hollywood Riviera Studios and provides ‘in-studio’ and mobile live broadcast services. Our fleet of mobile broadcast and satellite trucks allows Thunder broadcasting to offer a full service, multi-camera mobile production and transmission services for conventional sports, esports, corporate live or taped events and concerts throughout the USA and Mexico.

Thunder Studios Broadcasting is based out of Thunder Studios in the Los Angeles area and has been in business for the past decade as Hollywood Riviera Studios servicing clients such as HBO, NBC Universal, Blizzard Entertainment, Univision, LA Galaxy, Televisa, ESPN, Fox, and many other corporations in the Western United States and Latin America. In 2018 we were awarded an Emmy Award for our broadcast of the Rose Parade for Univision.

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Live Broadcast Studio

Live Broadcast Studio’s (LBS) proprietary technology empowers live stream gamers by dramatically improving and enhancing their live streaming content capabilities. Using patented live digital compositing and graphics tools, LBS enables gamers to ‘get into’ their stream in new and unique ways, enhance their stream and gameplay with original graphics and broadcast their stream on all live platforms in multicast.

LBS has an expansive variety of ways to enhance streamers content in real time and provide a unique viewing experience for live audiences. No longer are streamers restricted to the ‘pop up box,’ through LBS they can be fully immersed in the game itself. Make an awesome move, score a goal or win the game? Add an instant live graphic overlay with LBS or do an instant replay. Shoot a Zombie? Overlay an atomic bomb motion graphic with unique sound effects. Pre-record your own sound effects, add them to a graphic from the LBS graphics library and broadcast it into your game play at any time.

Through LBS and our technology streamers have new ways to monetize their live streams including advertising overlays, enhanced ‘donation’ features and live video calls with top donors during the stream. Need a bathroom break in your stream? Through LBS play a recorded message to your audience such as a montage of your top 10 plays of the month.

Don’t be restricted to one platform, stream where your potential audience is not where you want them to be. Twitch streamers through LBS can broadcast their Twitch stream in multi-cast with the addition of the LBS dynamic features and graphic tools on all live platforms including Twitter Live, Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

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Thunder Gaming

Thunder Gaming hosts live gaming and esports tournaments and events 4 nights a week and every weekend across all popular game types from our dedicated esports arena. Working with local tournament organizers we’re developing a community of passionate gamers and producing original programming for distribution across all live platforms. Using our proprietary streaming technology branded as ‘Live Broadcast Studio’ we’re empowering gaming creators to produce live gaming programming of a quality akin to traditional television programming. Thunder Gaming – ‘Where esports stories are told.’

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