Catering + Cafe

Thunder Studios food services is a turnkey solution for fresh, locally-sourced craft, catering and café services. Craft Services | Cafe Menu Catering Deck | Tech Scout [Read More]

Grip + Electric

Thunder provides best-in-class service through our supplier network to ensure your order is complete, on time and fully operational upon your arrival. [Read More]

Expendables + Production Supplies

Expendables Video Villages, Client Lounge, H/MU and Green Room staging in a pinch. Our expendables include everything from all new 2018 Ikea [Read More]

Overhead Lightboxes

We own and operate the area’s premier collection of overhead lightboxes and flying flats, including the largest pre-installed lightbox in the world. [Read More]

Automotive Turntable

Located in Stage 2, our ground-level turntable is 21’ in diameter, rotates a full 360 degrees and elevates up to 48” high. [Read More]

Production Services

Edit bays, cameras, glass, skilled operators and a team of specialists can all help bring your project to life. From pre-pro and [Read More]

Thunder Mobile and Broadcast Services

Thunder Studios Broadcasting offers broadcast services at our studios. No production is too small or too big for our broadcast team. If [Read More]

Live Broadcast Studio

Live Broadcast Studio’s (LBS) empowers live stream gamers by dramatically enhancing their live streaming content capabilities through patented live digital compositing and [Read More]

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