Thunder is a fully-integrated production facility providing spaces,
equipment and services to cover all of your immediate production needs.

Based in Long Beach, CA

Create Commercials, Television, Music Videos and Films

Spaces and lights suited for any screen.

Based in Long Beach, CA

Customer Needs Change,
Our Service Doesn't

We're a pro team with over 20 years of experience.

Based in Long Beach, CA

It's lonely at the top. Unless it's Little Caesars. Then it's a party at the top!

This past March Gifted Youth transformed Stage 14 in to a picturesque snowy mountain top, all for the sake of pizza.

Based in Long Beach, CA

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Based in Long Beach, CA



Grip + Electric

Thunder provides best-in-class service through our supplier network to ensure your order is complete, on time and fully operational upon your arrival. [Read More]

Overhead Lightboxes

We own and operate the area’s premier collection of overhead lightboxes and flying flats, including the largest pre-installed lightbox in the world. [Read More]

Automotive Turntable

Located in Stage 2, our ground-level turntable is 21’ in diameter, rotates a full 360 degrees and elevates up to 48” high. [Read More]

Production Supplies + Expendables

Forget something in your kit? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Our expendables store is open around the clock and has all [Read More]

Catering + Craft

Partnered with Delius Restaurant – a Long Beach staple offering relaxed, modern American classics – Thunder Studios food services is a turnkey [Read More]

Production Services

Edit bays, cameras, glass, skilled operators and a team of specialists can all help bring your project to life. From pre-pro and [Read More]

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