“Dreamscape” by Red Cinema on Stage 2

Red Cinema collaborated with Thunder Studios to create their latest spot, featuring cinematographer Darren Miller.

Titled “Dreamscape”, the piece highlights Darren’s childhood passion-turned-career in film making and the tools he used to make his dreams come true, including Red Cinema gear.

More stills from the spot:

Dreamscape_InstaCut_WTE0079 Dreamscape_InstaCut_WTE0125 Dreamscape_InstaCut_WTE0187 Dreamscape_InstaCut_WTE0225 Dreamscape_InstaCut_WTE0374 Dreamscape_InstaCut_WTE0449 Dreamscape_InstaCut_WTE0498 Dreamscape_InstaCut_WTE0499 Dreamscape_InstaCut_WTE0574 Dreamscape_InstaCut_WTE0594 Dreamscape_InstaCut_WTE0754