Automotive Stage



  • 7,100 SQF
  • W60’ D142’ H27’
  • 3-Wall CYC
  • 26' Partial CYC Return (Ceiling)
  • 21' Diameter Hydraulic Turntable (Elevates, Rotates, Tilts)
  • Concrete Floors
  • 10'X40' Lightbox
  • 1 (16'X40') Flying Flat
  • Full Motion Gantry System
  • Partial Grid
  • Accessible by Vehicle
  • Water Set Capability
  • 10T A/C Available
  • Access to Vaucluse VIP Client Area
  • Cisco Meraki WiFi Access Points
  • Dedicated ethernet access up to 1 Gbps available** optimized for QTake + video conferencing
  • 1 Gbs fiber optic internet (scalable to 10 Gbps**)
  • Private fiber optic network optimized for video delivery **Dedicated ethernet link speeds from 750 Mbps-10 Gbps require 4 weeks lead time for provisioning and must be quoted separately
  • Access to Dock-High Loading
  • Permitted for Filming


Car shoots such as Ken Block’s 'Gymkhana Eight Livery' for The Hoonigans, Fiat feat. Emma Roberts, Toyota
feat. Hugh Jackman by Ken Sax, Superbowl LIII's Fair the App spot, the LA Clippers collab with Lexus, McLaren Automotive for Forbes Magazine, and Volkswagen Atlas for VW, The 2020 Yaris campaign for Toyota; Music videos including Redfoo’s 'Bootyman' filmed in 360-degrees and Tennis System for Paper Cup Music; Feature films such as Nine Eleven featuring Charlie Sheen & Whoopie Goldberg produced by Thunder; digital content creation such as the Player Piano for Youtube; TV shows including HBO's 'The Wall' with George Lopez,'Wheeler Dealers' for Velocity Television.

Selected Clients