David Beckham Changes Game in new Sprint Spot

Fútbol. Fashion trends. The Dad Bod. World famous all-star David Beckham has been changing the game in whatever field he touches, and the Sprint commercial produced by Pulse this past October on Stage 3 is no exception to the rule.

From science lab to fashion world, to barber shop to backyard, and to Beckham’s final stop, the Sprint store casually in 30 seconds, Pulse film’s award-winning director Oscar Hudson and  Droga5 create a nice change of pace in this quirky Wes Anderson-esque one take, pan through all of the scenes. The fluidity of Beckham walking from one world in to the next brilliantly portrays him as the non-stop, on the go, do it all, game changing man that he is and subsequently the game changing phone plan that Sprint must be in order to keep up with such a man about town.

Thanks, David Beckham, you’ve managed to change the game once again. Stage 3 will never be the same.

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And view full vid here