DJ Z Trip Launches Twitch Livestream Series

In the era of Covid-19 artists in the music industry have had to remap their 2020 tour plans. Using our remote broadcast technology we teamed up with DJ Z Trip, a 30 year legacy artist who wanted to take his set online.

Thunder produced the first five livestreams of Z-Trip’s weekly set and multicasted the event across several of his social channels.

For the stream launch on Twitch we put together a skeleton production crew and ensured strict sanitary protocols were in place for the safety of both the artist and our team. Pre production included the creation of Z’s video backdrop, his platform skin, an automated comment bot for call to action reminders (donate, tune in to next week’s stream, etc), as well as custom emotes designed for the paid Twitch tiered subscriptions.

In the absence of venues fans watched the set from the comfort of their homes.

Shows may not be quite the same this year, but the experiences shared by Z Trip’s audience is a reminder of the importance for artists to continue to be there for them.