Meet the Team: Thunder Appoints Dorian Mapp as CCO

Thunder welcomes Covid Compliance Officer Dorian Mapp. With a passion to protect and former background as a PA, writer’s assistant, agent’s assistant, and casting, Dorian is no stranger to the entertainment industry. 

She understands the fast pace work environment at hand and on-the-spot problem solving needed to uphold compliance to studio regulations while maintaining a smooth workflow, making her the perfect fit to serve at the helm of Thunder’s Covid safety on set.

“Working in Covid Compliance at Thunder means that I get to help keep our staff and clients safe. And though these Covid-19 changes are difficult to adapt to I believe that with exceptional customer service and consistency we can transition smoothly into our new normal. After all, the show still must go on.” 

Thunder is excited to have Dorian on board as we strive to keep Thunder a Covid-19 safe environment.