Thunder esport Center Hosts Smash Melee Tournament

You may be familiar with our studio space as your go to for empowering creators in commercial work, indie projects, TV shows, music videos and stills, but behind the scenes we’ve been working on a special project in the e-sports world. We’ve unofficially officially opened up a new division here: Thunder Gaming.

About Thunder Gaming

Thunder Studios has built a 16,000 square foot live broadcast stage and esport center. We don’t officially launch until late June but we’re already hosting 4 tournaments weekly as well as  major weekend tournaments.

Two weeks ago with our partner 2GGaming we hosted a Smash Melee tournament called Breakthrough 2 with 500 participants and a total of 650 attendees. Influencer Sky Williams hosted our live stream which we distributed across live platforms. The event was streamed on Twitch and attracted the likes WiiU gamer (instagram: @Nampaikid) as well as other influencers in the gaming sphere.

Smash Melee Breakthrough 2 ran for 14 hours with Thunder Gaming broadcasting live the final 6 hours of semi finals and finals.

Smash Melee hosted by Sky Williams

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