Thunder Gaming forms Int’l Partnership with Shadow

Blade, a French startup computer manufacturer, has announced their partnership with Thunder Gaming in launching their Shadow cloud gaming technology and service in the United States. The partnership with Blade has Thunder Gaming Beta testing their new gaming technology imbedded in their Shadow hardware in our esports arena. Shadow is a cloud gaming service (think: desktop-in-the-cloud) that for a monthly access fee lets anyone play high-end Desktop gaming systems (in the cloud) on any mobile display or device including tablets and mobile phones. The goal: to democratize high-end gaming by allowing users to play high-performance games across any hardware. As part of the partnership, Shadow accounts will be activated at Thunder Gaming for guests of the esports arena to experience the ease of use and the power of Shadow technology to deliver the highest level of computing for gaming.

Above: Asher Kagan is founder and CEO of Blade, maker of the Shadow service. Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

Christian Bishop, CEO of Thunder Gaming in a statement said “We are pleased to partner with Shadow by Blade since they share our passion for delivering the highest technology and the fastest computing and ease of use for amateur gamers and pro players alike.” Michael Fan, chief strategy officer at Blade said, “We want to work with some of the best cyberathletes in the world and convince them to use Shadow. That should convince people that it really works.” The service goes live today on the West Coast in California, Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada, and is expected to cover all of North America within three months. It will become available to 16 East Coast states on August 9th, and all of the U.S. by October (Venturebeat, 2018).


Thunder esports center is a dedicated 16,000ft2 Gaming Broadcast Arena which holds esports tournaments weekly in a variety of gaming genres including Smash Bros, Street Fighter, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Hearthstone and many more. Managed by Thunder Gaming the esports arena hosts more than 5,000 attendees per month and their live game streams are watched by a global audience exceeding +1million per month with some tournament streams often exceeding +10million minutes viewed.

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