Stage 11



  • 5,000 SQF
  • W50’ D100’ H28’
  • 3-Wall CYC
  • Motion Capture, SloMo, and Volumetric Capture Stage
  • Dedicated Green
  • Pre-Lit LED
  • Interconnects with Stage 10 via 10'X10' elephant doors
  • Concrete Floors
  • 1 (16'X40') Flying Flat
  • Full Motion Gantry System
  • Full Grid
  • Cisco Meraki WiFi Access Points
  • Dedicated ethernet access up to 1 Gbps available** optimized for QTake + video conferencing
  • 1 Gbs fiber optic internet (scalable to 10 Gbps**)
  • Private fiber optic network optimized for video delivery **Dedicated ethernet link speeds from 750 Mbps-10 Gbps require 4 weeks lead time for provisioning and must be quoted separately
  • Accessible bt Vehicle
  • Permitted for Filming


VR scenes for commercials such as international spot feat. Mike Tyson for ‘Boursorama Banque‘, Blake Griffin for Kia Optima, There Digital for Virgin America, Star Wars Blu-ray promo for Lucusfilm, GMC trucks for the NFL; TV series such as 'On Air + Style' for Verizon’s Go90, 'From the Veil' fantasy short for Gearmark TV; feature films like 'On Air + Style' for Verizon’s Go90, Nine Eleven feature film for 20th Century Fox and VR scenes for Orange Sunshine, a feature-length documentary; and Stills campaigns like #MyCalvins for Calvin Klein.

Selected Clients