Live Broadcast Studio

Live Broadcast Studio’s (LBS) empowers live stream gamers by dramatically enhancing their live streaming content capabilities through patented live digital compositing and graphic tools. Gamers are able to both maximize their streaming experience by intensifying their gameplay with original graphics and live broadcast their stream on multiple platforms.

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Enhance Your Livestream

There are many ways in which LBS not only enhances streamer content in real time but also provides a unique viewing experience for live audiences. Think outside the ‘Pop up Box’. Thanks to LBS, streamers are capable of becoming fully immersed in the game itself. Score a goal, make an incredible move, or better yet win the game? Add a live graphic overly instantaneously or do an instant replay with LBS. Pre-record personal sound effects, add them to a graphic from the LBS graphics library, and broadcast it into your game play at any time.

Monetize Your Live Streams

Find new ways to monetize your live streams through LBS. Advertise overlays, enhance ‘donation’ features and live video ccalls with top donors during the stream. Need a break from streaming? Play a recorded message to your audience such as a montage of your top 10 plays of the month through LBS.

All Live Platforms

One stream to rule them all. Focus on where your streaming audience is, not where you want them to be. Through LBS Twitch users can broadcast their stream in multi-cast with our features and graphic tools. Extend streaming on all live platforms, including Youtube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitter Live.