Pop Evil Stands United in ‘A Crime to Remember’

This past month American Rock band Pop Evil dropped their latest music video for ‘A Crime to Remember’, shot o ... [READ MORE]

Toyota puts the Viewer in Control with 360° Webland

Shot on Stage 3 back in January, directors Karim Zariffa and Nico Kasakoff of production company 1stAveMachine have joined f ... [READ MORE]

Camila Cabello of 5th Harmony Shakes if Off

Best New Artist. Billboard Chart Achievement Award. Top Female Artist. Top Collaboration. Camila Cabello has come a long way ... [READ MORE]

New Investment in G & E at Thunder

Thunder Studios is proud to announce the addition of new equipment to our G & E Rentals! Here’s what’s new i ... [READ MORE]

Watch ‘SnowPack’ The New Shaun White Documentary

We’re proud to announce our involvement in the recently-released documentary for go90, SnowPack: Shaun White and the U.S. ... [READ MORE]

J. Cole Counts it up for his new Track ‘ATM’ on Stages 12 + 14

Self directed in part by Cole himself alongside Scott Lazer and production team Pomp & Clout, the first single off his n ... [READ MORE]

Drew Barrymore Wants You to #ComeAsYouAre

Unapologetically optimistic Drew Barrymore embraces individuality as she sings in a musical, shot on Stage 3 + Bondi room fo ... [READ MORE]

Beck Sees, Makes, and Feels the Colors on Stage 3

10th grade high school dropout. Pursuer of the fine arts by way of street music and slam poetry. Artists for parents. Beck w ... [READ MORE]

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